Spellings and misspellings of my name

Even other Norwegians misspell my name from time to time, so imagine the struggle I’m facing outside Scandinavia! 🙂

My family name – Bauck – is found in Norway, Germany and the US. Originating from Germany, the family name is only held by a few hundred people. Common misspellings are Bauk and Buck.

My first name – Håvar – is only found in Scandinavia. It is far more commonly spelt Håvard. Make that mistake, and I’ll deliberately misspell your name in my reply! 😉

Most commonly, non-Scandinavians spell it Havar and sometimes Hovar, as they struggle to find the Unicode Alt+229 for the ‘å’ character. In old Norwegian, ‘aa‘ was used instead of ‘å‘, so among other spelling attempts I’ve seen are Haavar, Haavard, Havard, Hevar, Hovar and Hvar.

…which is why I sometimes find it easier to let people call me Howard when I travel outside Scandinavia! 🙂

Why do I even bother to write this page? Because I get these questions quite a bit, and because people who don’t remember how to spell my name, can find me by googling my name the way they thought it was spelt! 😉

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  1. Jacqueline K 2011-07-05 at 14:26

    Your blogs are very enjoyable to read and very well written.


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