Spellings and misspellings of my name

Even other Norwegians misspell my name more often than not, so imagine the struggle I’m facing outside Scandinavia! 🙂

My family name - Bauck – is found in Norway, Germany and the US. Originating from Germany, the family name is only held by a few hundred people. Common misspellings are Bauk and Buck.

My first name - HÃ¥var – is only found in Scandinavia. It is far more commonly spelt HÃ¥vard – a mistake that usually tempts me to deliberately misspell the name of the one who started by misspelling mine.

Most commonly, non-Scandinavians spell it Havar and sometimes Hovar, as they struggle to find the Unicode Alt+229 for the ‘Ã¥’ character. In old Norwegian, ‘aa’ was used instead of ‘Ã¥’, so among other spelling attempts I’ve seen are Haavar, Haavard, Havard, Hevar, Hovar and Hvar.

…which is why I usually refer to myself as Howard when travelling outside Scandinavia! 🙂

Why do I even bother to write this page? Because I get these questions quite a bit, and because people who don’t remember how to spell my name can find me by googling my name the way they thought it was spelt! 😉

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  1. Jacqueline K 2011-07-05 at 14:26

    Your blogs are very enjoyable to read and very well written.


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