Suitcase packed. Ready to go!

Visa, check. Tickets, check. The final piece of the puzzle is in place: The wedding gift! Tomorrow I’m off to Dubai, and from there to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) on Tuesday

All bookings ready, visa done and suitcase packed. Unfortunately Dell were unable to get me the brand new laptop I had ordered before I left, but thanks to our amazingly cool IT manager, I was able to borrow one of the old 11″ laptops from the office, so my plan of live blogging from the trip remains unchanged. Thanks a million, Tomas!

My colleague Deepak is getting married in Mumbai, and that’s the core reason for my trip. I’ve saved my 3 remaining weeks of leave for this occasion, so after the wedding, I’ll go do some sightseeing around India.

I hope to finish reading Shantaram by the time I reach Mumbai so I get some more ideas of things to see and do during my 5 days there. One thing I’m certain about is that I’ll be catching a drink at Leopold’s!

One thing from the book that I’m trying to locate, are the “Standing Babas”, but there doesn’t seem to be much information online on where to find them. If anyone who reads this can give me a hint, then please do! 😉

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