After 17 years, I have now split my blog in two, with all my pictures moving to my new photoblog, Globetrotter.Photos.

Long before I even started what is now known as a blog on this site, most visits were for my travel pictures.  My blogging activity only picked up much later.

With ICANN introducing more than 800 new top-level domains (TLDs),  the idea crossed my mind to look if I could get a good .PHOTOS domain name. I did.

Since a photoblog and a regular blog are two very different things, and  Wordpress themes rarely serve both purposes well, I decided it was time to create one site dedicated to the pictures only.

Hence, what was initially the core purpose of has now moved out. Ironically, most of the pictures that I put online originally aren’t even there anymore, as my photography skills have evolved, and my threshold for what I put online has risen.