Kenya – the magical land of safaris and the big 5, and of some of the world’s most amazing beaches! Of course, there is much more than tourism to Africa’s third-largest economy. Nairobi, my home city for most of the years since 2002, is a vibrant megalopolis, and one of the economic centers of gravity of the continent.

I must have more than 20,000 pictures from Kenya in total, and even a small, curated selection means a lot. To make it more manageable, I have split the pictures into three categories, with the national parks and the Coast on separate pages.

Amboseli - Zebras in front of Kilimanjaro
National Parks

Camel in the sea 2

..and below a collection from Nairobi, and a lot of other places such as Kericho, Garissa, Nanyuki, and a couple of places in the Mt. Kenya region.

Many of the pictures are recent. Some are as old as 2003.