Pictures from my Meanderings

Pictures from my meanderings

53 countries and counting! Being an avid globetrotter, I usually pounce at any opportunity to explore a new place, whether I am on a vacation or on the shortest, most hectic business trip. I also rarely travel far without my camera. With tens, if not hundreds of thousands of photos taken on my many trips, I have have kept posting a small, curated selection on this blog since the early 2000s. Enjoy!




My passion for photography started in the early 2000s in Kenya and across Eastern Africa with a Canon Ixus 300. The oldest pictures from Kenya, Zanzibar, Ethiopia and Egypt were taken with that camera.

I quickly moved up to the next league with a Nikon D40, later accompanied by a Samsung NX3000 (which tragically succumbed to my daughter’s curiosity in 2015). Nowadays, I mostly use a Sony α6000.

Enjoy the collection. I will do my best to add more, as I meander to new places across the planet! 🙂