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2018-09-27. Techmoran.
HotelOnline signs up over 1,500 hotels across 17 markets in Africa, Europe & South Asia.

2017-12-06. Techweez.
Founder Havar Bauck on building HotelOnline to become a hotel booking stalwarth.

2017-03-06: Finansavisen.
Nordmenn er ledende på hotellbooking i Afrika.
Article in Norwegian, by Henrik Charlesen, writing about the successful Norwegian entrepreneurs (Endre and myself) taking the lead in the traveltech space in Africa.

2017-02-20: Phocuswire (formerly TNooz).
HotelOga and Savanna Sunrise merge, plot travel tech domination in Africa.
By Kevin May on the then planned merger between Savanna Sunrise and HotelOga.

2017-02-16: Pulse Live by Business Insider.
HotelOga and Savana Sunrise merge together to take on the world.
By George Tubei on the then planned merger between Savanna Sunrise and HotelOga.

2016-04-01: Balancing Act Africa.
Savanna Sunrise opens up global online hotel booking in East Africa.
By Russell Southwood, on Savanna Sunrise expanding across eastern Africa.

2015-01-20: Aftenposten.
Voldsomme protester mot Joseph Kabilas forsøk på å bli sittende i presidentstolen.
Article in Norwegian, by Tor Arne Andreassen. I was interviewed over the phone from a hotel room in Kinshasa, while the city was exploding in riots. Two days after the interview, I was evacuated at 4:00 am by a private security company.

2010-04-08: Østkantavisa. Interview with me and some fellow activists in Høyre (Norwegian Conservative Party) about the urban development in my part of Oslo.

2008-08-01: Balancing Act Africa. La guerre de la téléphonie sur IP – la bataille se rapproche des opérateurs mobiles. (French). Editorial about Vyke’s Africa strategy.

2007-06-24: Balancing Act Africa. Editorial about Vyke’s Africa strategy. (English)

2007-03-21: Interview with me about IPdrum, my employer until March 2007. (Norwegian)

2007-01-16: Another interview about IPdrum and the IP VoiceLink. (Norwegian)

2006-07-12: Interview about IPdrum. (Norwegian)

2006-07-06: Interview in a Norwegian consumer magazine. (Norwegian)

2006-06-30: Interview about my career in a Norwegian student magazine. (Norwegian)

2006-05-18: IDG Norway. IPdrum CEO, Øystein Kvarme, and I interviewed by IDG Norway. (Norwegian)

2003-12-27: Dagbladet. Full page interview in Norwegian daily Dagbladet about my first year in Kenya. (Norwegian)

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