Don’t Miss The Party, Girl!

So it’s finally out! In June, a freaking awesome crew got together to make Ziggy Boomfall’s music video, Don’t Miss The Party, Girl!

Ziggy Boomfall, aka. Aziz Wane is an awesome friend and a great neighbour of mine, and playing in his first music video was a total thrill! The one day off work was definitely a worthwhile investment. Acting is one thing I love, and a memorable result like this video made the whole thing totally worth it.

Quality was impressive, considering the fact that this was a zero-budget production. Well done, Martin! 🙂

We’ve sent the video to 2 TV stations so far, crossing our fingers for good response! In any case, with a video like this as a reference, Ziggy should stand a good chance of getting funding for the next one, where I’ll hopefully be appearing again! 😉

Well, enough said. Here’s the video, featuring me as Mr. P*I*M*P. Pictures from the shooting in the gallery below:


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