Don’t Miss The Party, Girl!

So it’s finally out! In June, some great people got together to make Ziggy Boomfall’s music video, Don’t Miss The Party, Girl!

Ziggy Boomfall, aka. Aziz Wane is an awesome friend and a great neighbour of mine, and playing in his first music video was a total thrill! The one day off work was definitely a worthwhile investment. Acting is one thing I love, and a memorable result like this video made the whole thing totally worth it.

Quality was impressive, considering the fact that this was a zero-budget production. Well done, Martin! 🙂

We’ve sent the video to two TV stations so far, crossing our fingers for a good response! In any case, with a video like this as a reference, Ziggy should stand a good chance of getting funding for the next one!

Well, enough said. Here’s the video!

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