Alan Donovan’s house at the edge of the National Park

Among the hidden gems in the outskirts of Nairobi, is Alan Donovan’s African Heritage.

Designed by himself, and inspired by the mud architecture of West Africa, his home is said to be the “most photographed house in Africa”, featured in several of the most-read publications on Earth.

Having collected and traded African handicraft arts for most of his life, Donovan now runs African Heritage as a private museum and guesthouse.

Located on a hill with a spectacular view of the Nairobi national park, his house is inspired by the West African mud castle architecture, which will inevitably make your thoughts wander towards the grand mosque of Djenne.

African Heritage is not open to the general public, and its existence is not heavily advertised.  However, by contacting the owner, a tour can be arranged.

Alan Donovan also runs a small restaurant, so that a mid day visit can be combined with a delicious lunch. I warmly recommend that option for a maximum experience of African Heritage.

The tour offers an impressive insight into a collection of both modern and traditional carvings, paintings, woven fabric and jewelry collected by Donovan and other contributors throughout a lifetime.

African Heritage also offers hotel services, with 6 room for hire, for those who want the fullest experience of the place.