About this blog

Bauck.com has been around since 1998, when my professor Espen Andersen at the Norwegian Business School encouraged his students to publish their assignments online.

It started off as a 4-page site coded directly in HTML using Notepad and hosted for free on Xoom. It had a short story of my life, my CV and some few pics of me. You know, like those typical “personal home pages” that everyone had back on the 90s.

When I started discovering the joys of photography around 2003, the site became host to some of my pictures.  I had already moved to Kenya at the time, and rarely missed out on an opportunity to travel to new places in Africa.  Back then, pictures online of most places on this marvelous continent were scarce, so when I discovered a thing called Google analytics, I was shocked to realise that 1500+ people in a month actually visited my site.

I had even taken the effort to write a few words about some of the places I had visited, and this suddenly placed me among the top Google hits for a lot of places in Kenya, Ethiopa and on Zanzibar.  At one point, my site would even come up as number 6 when you googled “Nairobi”.

The concept of blogging was still in its infancy at this time, and I was still using static pages, requiring quite some effort every time. Hence, the site was still limited to being a photo gallery, and a handful of travel stories.

In 2009, I finally started using WordPress, and the pages from my old website finally entered the era of blogging.

I’ve been an on-and-off blogger ever since, but for as long as people keep clicking, I still do find it worthwhile! 🙂

My photos, originally the core purpose of bauck.com, have since moved to my dedicated photoblog, Globetrotter.Photos.

My original About Me page, the classic core of every “personal home page” from the 1990s, has been growing incrementally since 1998, with the pre-98 parts of my life story having remained pretty much unchanged from 17 years ago.  It might about time I re-write that one as well. Then again, it is such a nice piece of Internet nostalgia: Brief Story of my Life.